Friday, April 10, 2009

The Best USB Hub

I am using this hub for connecting both a printer and USB hard drive to my airport extreme and it is working perfectly (one note of caution, my hard drive and printer both have their own power supply- I have heard that this non-powered hub will not work for connecting a non-powered hard drive to Airport extreme, but can't verify that)
I have had this product for over a month, with no problems at all, just plugged it in and it worked. Now I can print and back-up wirelessly with my new MacBook. Fantastic solution for such a low price.
I guess the only possible problem with this device would be its short cord, but it is actually a positive for the way that I am using it, because I don't want a large amount of redundant cord piled up.

I got this mini hub as a freebie at a trade show and I am using it occasionally, while on the road - I preemptively plug in the thumb drives that I need and then I attach the entire assembly to whatever machine I may be using when I need them. It's been okay so far.

Any prospective buyer should be aware of the following before making the purchase:

- Definitely meant for travel and laptops, less suitable on one's desk or desktop machines (see below).
- The chord is VERY short. This is an issue with desktops. I suppose it's possible to plug the hub in and leave it hanging off the front or the back of a desktop computer but it's not something that I would do.
- Related to the above, it is not a fashion statement. The hub is functional and allows 4 USB devices to be plugged into it but it is not likely to win any design award. I mention this because, with the chord being as short as it is, the likely space this hub will occupy is on your desk.
- It is not powered. As such, do not plan to use it with (more than one) USB-powered hard drives. It should be okay if the drives use their own power supply.
- It does not have many blinking lights like some other hubs do. I like that.

Overall, the Ultra Mini Hub is a useful device and it should be an excellent buy to the extent that the buyer is aware of the issues I listed above. I see no reason to subtract any stars from my rating because the hub is specifically designed for occasional use while traveling.

Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra Mini Hub F5U407


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